My Life and the M25

I love travelling. I’ve been around the world. I’ve been on Planes, Trains and Automobiles and a lot more besides. Some of it was scary and some of it was fun.

However, I am currently commuting on the M25 every day and am not enjoying this sort of travelling! It’s not scary or fun. It’s downright tedious!

Below, is a sign which tells me how long it is going to take me to get from J7 of the M25 to J10. (15 miles). On a Monday this sign reads “45mins”. The photo below was taken on a Sunday morning….

See this queue on the right – this is me everymorning!

But it could be so much worse…..

Death Road, Bolivia – 300 people died on this road every year!

How about Simpson Bay in Saint Maarten? Planes fly so low that trucks get blown over.

These kids in Lebak, Indonesia have a rough time getting to school!

At least I don’t have to go by train!

Or have to walk….

So, I should be grateful really that when I leave my house – this line of traffic on my road at 7am is the first thing I need to negotiate! And that’s before I get anywhere near the M25!!!!